The Wall

26. 04. 14 – 31. 05. 14, Berlin

From April 26 to May 31 the well known French street-art collective “Da Mental Vaporz” consisting of nine artists will host an exhibition in Berlin under the title “The Wall” which is to be seen at the two gallery spaces of BC – Gallery. Matching to the title the crew will also design a tremendous mural painting next to S-Bahn station Warschauerstraße, which is going to complete the the show with overtopping the whole area. Through this mural design the spectator will have to opportunity to discover the core of the matter of what distinguishes the several individual members of the crew as an organic unity. As all of them have already created their very own sophisticated styles which work perfectly well independently from each other, what connects the artists does not lie directly in the content or style they are creating their art with but more in the fact that they find ways to bring all those diverse parts together, in a balanced tension and create something completely new. Their preferred medium for that fusion is mural painting which makes clear that the title of their upcoming exhibition “The Wall” is not just a hint at the vast mural design which will be part of the show, but should also have the deeper meaning of showing what really holds the artists together.

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