13 Strokes

13. 05. 17 – 24. 06. 17, Berlin

Over the past several years, Stohead has successfully developed several different styles all based on his calligraphy. Combining his liquid smoke with calligraphy elements and adding his new strokes, he has taken his abstract painting to a new level in his latest body of works. As every style has its own accent, the main goal of the artist was to find a universal language to bring them together as apposed to inventing yet another new one. Creating the right balance was key to giving them new purpose within the composition and so to allow a coexistence with each other. Much as our multicultural society tries to do today. With the title „13 Strokes“, the artist means to explain a certain minimalistic, restricted approach to his work and so to give careful thought to every detail of the painting. One might ask oneself as to why a certain element such as the liquid smoke which is very detailed in color, shape and depth and looks beautiful on its own is then partly covered with what seems to be a blunt yellow line or a round tip letter. The answer in this case is that the artist looks for more than just an aesthetic result to his paintings. Due to his experience in technique, composition and material Stohead is able to envision the exact size, position and color of additional strokes to achieve the tension and depth he is looking for. It takes a lot of confidence in the physical execution of said strokes. It will sometimes take him days of contemplating and practicing a certain element in the composition of a work even if it is „just“ a yellow line before it is actually added.


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