It Takes Two To Tango

25. 06. 20 – 01. 01. 21, Berlin

Kevin and Björn live the difference. ‚It takes two to tango‘ is a living environment of two partners in which the obvious difference between two creative processes turns positive. The coming together of the two artists is less an attempt to intensify agitated tensions between two individual positions but rather the inevitable consequence of two interconnected artistic existences.

Whatever the one answers, the other has said first.

The exhibition is the punch line of a joint creation. It shows the unique incessantly difference with an eternal beginning of exchange.

*The exhibition is the punch line of a joint creation. It shows the unique difference which takes two.*

More than the pleasant thought alone, it is this attitude that carries the potentiality into the world. In Studio Huette the collected years find their current core. A space where the natural tension of the two unfolds into a collective gesture.

text by Fred Unruh

Björn Heyn, born 1992 in Berlin where he still works and lives. An Intuitive and moment based workwise, allows him to switch between medias in a very playful way. What is seen is reorganized and brought together again. New order through disorder from the usual.

„How do you like chaos?

I like cows, I guess they have a very calm and relaxed life.

Ohh not cows, cars!

Well I don’t have a drivers license and I find them scary but practical.

Hahahah ok now I got it CHAOS, in the beginning of everything I’m a fan of chaos.

Thanks for that question!

Kevin Lüdicke is currently undergoing extensive research. His artistic work is the eternal doubt and the attempt to make the felt truth that everything could be different liveable. His works open up spaces of involved meditation, one looks through a dream-like perspective at oneself and one’s own environment – learned knowledge and felt truths are mercilessly opposed. The artistic works never suspend this existential tension, but manifest it as a stage on which we are simultaneously, ourselves and all others.

Kevin Lüdicke (1991) is an illustrator, painter and multimedia artist. He studied Visual Communication and Art and Media at the

University of Arts (UdK) Berlin.

He lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

/Text Fred Unruh


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