18. 05. 19 – 29. 06. 19, Berlin

Agostino Iacurci will present a new body of paintings and works on paper inspired by his daily walks across the streets of the residential neighborhoods of Berlin Charlottenburg and the observation of its shops and houses windows, where tropical plants are carefully lined up together with products, random objects and memorabilia from the owners. His images don’t refer to any place in particular, since he is more interested in the way objects are arranged and organized and how the plants stand behind the glass and shape up within the frame of the windows, chasing the little sun or the artificial lighting of the room. Alongside the paintings, he will present a new, tailor-made version of his iconic wooden plant that connects the two levels of the gallery space. Iacurci’s work is defined by clear and simple compositions and flat shapes. Colors like blue, white, black, and terracotta carry like a thread to the entire work. Despite the clarity of the elements and synthesis of forms, he generates dream-like images that evoke mystery and originate their own narrative.


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