The Allure of Devotion

20. 09. 18 – 17. 11. 18, Berlin

In „The Allure of Devotion“ Pablo Benzo (born 1982, Santiago de Chile, currently residing in Berlin) presents his latest artworks which have been produced over the last 12 months. The oil paintings show cubistic abstracted organic forms such as flowers and plants. Placed in pots on tables and adding a background around it, be it in form of a room or an open space, the effect of a still life is used to create a sense of calm towards the viewer. The carefully (over years) developed color palette, painted in more-than-usual multiple layers add an extra layer of depth to the paintings. In addition, the artist is very specific on the choice of framing, often finding old frames rather that having new ones made, and in doing so giving the paintings a more classic look and feel. All of this results in very harmonious art works. The amount and size of the works have also been taken in consideration of the exhibiting space to translate the feel of the paintings to the complete show as a whole.



„The haziness and certitudes present themselves and without further explanation are left in oblivion to give way to moments in which there is no awareness. Provided of guidance by the liberating power of brief moments, I find myself flooded by the force of creation. The allure of devotion emerges as a deep answer. I have taken, from the vitality and persistence of my “painter heroes”, the energy to pursue the long and arduous search. In this quest, the passionate nature is exposed in order to shape symphonies of color and figures, where observation, memory, and fantasy converge into a spiritual home. The allure of devotion is not thought of as a parenthesis nor as a specific adventure or an isolated passage in his oeuvre, but as part of a life-long journey.“  Pablo Benzo


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