The Distance Between

27. 09. 19 – 09. 11. 19, Berlin

“THE DISTANCE BETWEEN” is a socio-politically charged group exhibition which focuses on the crucial issue of migration crisis worldwide and features a momentous lineup of international artists. Curated by Sasha Bogojev, the exhibition will include works by interdisciplinary Israeli artist Addam Yekutieli aka Know Hope, Italian spray paint virtuoso Eron, and Iran-born brothers, artists, and activists Icy and Sot.

Having a chance to present their work in a city recognized as a universal symbol for both division and reunion, the exhibition aims to present contemporary work that speaks of the ongoing crisis which is hitting shores and borders all around the planet. Deeply connected with the subject either through their personal life’s journeys or the ways it affects their homelands, all the artists strongly identify with this issue and have created works around it in the past. Icy and Sot built many installations and interventions commenting on the „travel ban“ or the idea of barriers and fences; Yekutieli has also worked around the same subject, producing a series of works that speak of displacement and human emotions that follow it; while Eron created a handful of striking pieces addressing the subject of deadly Mediterranean-crossings by refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers.

The Distance Between is designed as an installation that converts the gallery into a poetic setting which transcends the viewer from an art venue into an ambiguous space filled with uncertainty. Presenting the latest examples of their signature works, the drawings, canvases, sculptures, and mixed-media pieces are meant to provide an immersive and emotional experience fuelled by the artists‘ personal history. Bringing together different sides to the story and seeing the issue from different points of view, the exhibition celebrates humanity as a virtue while presenting an alternative overview of the delicate global issue, seen, experienced, and described by highly empathic individuals.


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