Franco Fasoli

Franco Fasoli aka JAZ, who‘s career started as a graffiti writer in the streets of Buenos Aires in the mid 90‘s has, over the years, developed his designs from a letter based to a more complex and figurative style which is determined by his unique way of mixing colors. Inspired by his work in scenography, Fasoli started experimenting with several quite unusual materials such as asphaltic paint, petrol, tar and limewhich allowed him to create his very own technique for mural painting that results in a watercolor-like luminescent but transparent effect. Through motives like lucha-libre-style wrestling or hybrid creatures like minotaurs that many times occur mirrored or aspart of a mass he is dealing with Argentinian culture and the issues that come with it. Usually they are locked in combat and attest tometaphoric violence or the bipolarity of the human mind. This is also reflected in his new technique with paper collages. Being able to develop new techniques without losing the strong nature of his vision is what makes Franco Fasoli be respected and successful in the art scene.


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Publication “Publico Privado”